Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Late Unlamented Winter

Last winter was great and all... we had lots of good times.  But still -- thank God it's over, and three cheers for summer.

In summer you have to be careful about ticks.  Lyme disease is a serious concern here.  But not as serious as the road to Toronto back in February!

I sweat every day on my walk to work now.  But you can stand still outside and enjoy it.  Not so much on the walk when the picture above was taken.

A few nights ago, 9 year-old Petra came downstairs at about 10:30pm and told me that she and her brother had decided to sue me for not putting an air conditioner in their room. They have one now, thanks to a friend from church to whom I told this story... I wasn't trying for charity, honest, I just thought it was funny... but I am grateful for the air conditioner -- and that our house no longer looks like the above picture.

A couple of weeks ago we went boating.  Toward the end of the day the children were tired and I was a little warm, so I jumped off the boat to amuse them (forgetting to take my hat off).  The weather was a little different from when I took this picture back in February.

OK, so maybe that should be four cheers for summer.  Anyway, thank God for warmth and resurgent life and outdoor fun.  Winter is good too, and I will be ready for it to come back... maybe sometime in 2016.

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